Executive Challenge - Division A

2022 Summer Corporate Games  -  Corporate Games

Salt Lake County Sports Office

Executive Challenge - Division A


Your Company Executive is only allowed to check-in, receive a pin, and take a picture for your CUP Events and the Bonus Events.


Rules for Executive Challenge:

  • Rosters:
    • Each company can list three executives on their roster. Those are the only executives that will earn credit by checking in at the event. Their names must be on the roster. If the roster is blank, no credit will be given.
  • Earning Points:
    • 25 Points: Executives will check-in with the site supervisor/volunteer at each event. Executives will sign the roster and receive a pin.
    • 50 Points: Executive will get the Executive Challenge Sign from the site supervisor/volunteer and will take a team picture (using their phone) with their company team that is playing that night.


PICTURES must be emailed TOGETHER (all events that you take a picture at) in ONE EMAIL by September 2nd by 5:00pm or no credit will be given.

Game schedule is not available