3 on 3 Basketball - COED - Division A, B, & C Combined

2022 Summer Corporate Games  -  Corporate Games

Cyprus Credit Union - Cup (B)

Coach: Nicole Goeckeritz      (801) 260-7600 e.5378(801) 260-7600 e.5378

Salt Lake County Sports Office

3 on 3 Basketball - COED - Division A, B, & C Combined


WHEN: Thursday, August 25th

CHECK-IN: 5:30pm

EVENT BEGINS: Varies - see bracket below

LOCATION: Northwest Recreation Center - 1255 W. Clark Ave. SLC, UT 84116


FORMAT: One-Day Event; Double elimination tournament.

UNIFORM: Shirts of the same color are required; numbers on shirts preferred.

ROSTER: Coed Event. Each team must have 3 players on their roster, with 1 woman required for COED. Teams are allowed to have up to 6 players on their roster. Games must start and end with 3 players, 1 woman required (COED). Subs are allowed.

Regular Season Standings
Bridge Investment Group - Cup (A) 000.000
Cyprus Credit Union - Cup (B) 000.000
Moog - Cup (C) 000.000
Smith Entertainment Group - Cup (B) 000.000
PCT = Winning Percentage

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