Scavenger Hunt - Division B

2019 Summer Corporate Games  -  Corporate Games

Salt Lake County Sports Office

Scavenger Hunt
Division B

Due: August 28, 2019
  • Scavenger hunt lists will be emailed out in August. Watch for more details to come as the games get closer. 
  • The list will have an overall theme. Items can be activities or items to gather.
  • Each company can decide how to get all the items on the list (i.e. items can be split up or done as a group)
  • All items and/or proof of items must be turned into the Sports Office betweem 10am-5pm on August 28th. Tiebreaker goes to the team that turns in the items first on August 28th.
  • Items CANNOT be turned in early! 

 Teams Division
3form LLC B
Chevron B
Cyprus Credit Union B
Flsmidth B
Ivanti B
Lending Club B
Lucid Software Inc. B
Morgan Stanley B
Salesforce Inc  B
SoFi B
Stryker B
Sysco Intermountain  B
WCF Insurance B
Regular Season Standings
3form LLC - Cup 000.000
Chevron - Cup 000.000
Cyprus Credit Union - Cup 000.000
Flsmidth Inc - Cup 000.000
ITEMS DUE 8/28 BETWEEN 10am-5pm 000.000
Ivanti - Cup 000.000
Lending Club - Cup 000.000
Lucid Software Inc. - Cup 000.000
MOOG - Cup 000.000
Morgan Stanley - Cup 000.000
Salesforce Inc. - Cup 000.000
SoFi - Cup 000.000
Stryker - Cup 000.000
Sysco Intermountain - Cup 000.000
WCF Insurance - Cup 000.000
PCT = Winning Percentage

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