3rd-4th Girls

Winter 2022-2023  -  Basketball - Youth

Velez (Gold)

Coach: Brunilda Velez     

Coach Roberts
Practice Time: Thursday 5:00pm-6:00pm
Court 2 
First Last
Evie Roberts
Mae Meyer
Vera Procaccianti 
Rowen  Wright
Mckenna Davis
Fynley Burton
Elsie Harrall
Brooke Bell
Piper  Taylor
Coach Cox
Practice Time: Thursday 6:00pm-7:00pm
Court 2 
First Last
Luna  Stillwell
Sophie Cox
Jane Moran
Azalea Sowers
Pia  Muir
Calista Welch
Emery Yedlowski
Isabel Ghonem
Helena Minger
Coach Previte
Practice Time: Thursday 5:00pm-6:00pm
Court 2 
Steel Blue
First Last
Cora Kelly
Maggie Mulanaphy
Avery Voelker
Nyella Edelen
Ella Shah
Zaria  Boanah
Emily Guidera
Calla Hyde
Ella  Kent
Coach Velez
Practice Time: Thursday 6:00pm-7:00pm
Court 2 
First Last
Brooklyn Riley
Emilia Carty
Mya Robinson
Ariana Roman-Velez
Evangeline  Barker
Kelsey Conley
Harlyn Dunphy
Nadia Mignanelli
Kennedy Guilette
Hello! My name is Brunilda (Bruni) Velez and I will be your coach this season. 

Our program will be progressing during the season as skills grow. 

Our first practice will focus on review and development of foundational skills. Think dribbling, shooting, basic rules, positions and roles.  As we continue, we will introduce topics like: 
➡️ Triple Threat, Passing Mechanics, Making Layups at Game Speed, Dribbling and Shooting Reps

➡️Defensive Positioning/Mechanics, Taking "Good Shots", Free Throw Routine, More Reps on Fundamentals

➡️ Pivoting, Moving the Ball around the Perimeter, Ready Shooting, More Reps on Fundamentals
I expect our team will: 
- Improve individual skills and develop as a team
- Respect each other, the game, the practice and your coaches
- Show discipline - practice skills 10-20 min per day when possible 
- “Win” gracefully and “lose” with dignity
- Be positive!
- Come ready to practice and games( Shoes tight, be on time, listen to instructions)
- Don’t forget your water!
- Have a snack… Don’t  be “hangry”
- Most important,  have fun! 

Can’t wait to see us grow as a team! See you soon! 
Regular Season Standings
Cox (Charcoal) 000.0
Previte (Steel Blue) 000.0
Roberts (Green) 000.0
Velez (Gold) 000.0
GB = Games Back

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