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Softball 70+

Kansas Senior Games 2020  -  Senior Olympics
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2020 KSG Softball 70+

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  • There will be a mandatory coaches meeting 30 minutes prior to the first competition.
  • Teams must supply current rating/classification and all other names used or played under during the current period of one year.
  • Teams must provide a scorekeeper as well as their own bats, gloves and practice balls.
  • Format will be single round-robin tournament within pool play.  Each team will play a minimum of 3 games.  A team may play another team more than one time to determine winners.
  • Ties for team medal placements will be resolved in the following order: 1.) Won/Loss Record 2.) Head to Head results - only when all teams play each other.  3.) Total Runs Allowed 4.) Run Differential 5.) Total Runs Scored 6.) Coin Toss.
  • Please contact the Sport Commissioner for any questions regarding the schedule or rules of play.
  • Please note that all posted schedules are final.
Tournament Bracket

Gold [1] Dugout 70+
Silver [3] Been There Done That 70+
Bronze [2] Not Dead Yet 70+
[1] Dugout 70+   15

Game 2

Sat 9/19/20

1:30 PM

[1] Dugout 70+ 
[2] Not Dead Yet 70+   3

Game 1

Sat 9/19/20

12:30 PM

[3] Been There Done That 70+   10
[3] Been There Done That 70+   9
Pool Play Standings
Dugout 70+ 201.000
Not Dead Yet 70+ 110.500
Been There Done That 70+ 020.000
PCT = Winning Percentage

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