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10U Division

San Diego USSSA Presidents Day Challenge  -  Baseball - Travel

San Diego Longhorns Orange

No Metal Cleats are Allowed 12U and down

Pool Play - Home and Away is Determined by a coin flip 
Playoffs - Higher Seed  has choice of Home or Away
Seeding /Tied Breakers: 
1. Winning PCT
2. Head to Head (with only two teams with the same record) with 3 or more the next tie breaker is used. 
3. Total Runs Allowed
4. Total Runs Scored
5. Coin Flip
Tournament Bracket

Gold [2] So Cal Panthers
Silver [1] San Diego Show
Bronze [3] Vegas Gamers
[1] San Diego Show   0

Game 2

Mon 2/19/18

12:00 PM

[2] So Cal Panthers 
[2] So Cal Panthers   14

Game 1

Mon 2/19/18

10:00 AM

[2] So Cal Panthers   5
[3] Vegas Gamers   8
Pool Play Standings
San Diego Show 401.000943
So Cal Panthers 310.7501827
Vegas Gamers 220.5001829
San Diego Longhorns Orange 130.2503316
San Diego Hustle 040.0005417
PCT = Winning PercentageHTH = Head-To-HeadRA = Runs AgainstRF = Runs For

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