13/14U Player Pitch (Select)

Spring 2019  -  Baseball
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Rainout Number 972/771-1281

Regular Season Standings
13/14US Dallas Saints- O'Connor 10200.833
13/14US Texas OIlers Blue- Williams 9300.750
13/14US Rebels-Sims 8310.708
13/14US GTX Raiders Xtreme- Macafee 7410.625
13/14US Texas Oilers Black- Williams 7500.583
13/14US NTX Rough Riders- Fretz 6600.500
13/14US S Garland Twins- Tilton 4800.333
13/14US Red Sox- Gencur 11100.0831
13/14US Astros- Baker 11100.0832
PCT = Winning PercentageHTH = Head-To-Head

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