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Spring 2022  -  Baseball

Spring Baseball 2022 Season Information


My contact information: Sabrina Porter (cell) 801-564-3963 (work) 801-629-8254

                                                  (email) sabrinaporter@ogdencity.com

I will be leaving on maternity leave April 20th, after this date you will not be able to get a hold of me as I will be recovering from surgery. Before I go you will all be given the contact information for the supervisor that will be filling for me while I am away.


Please read over our baseball rules in depth before the season begins. Many times, the biggest issue we have is miscommunication between coaches and umpires. Knowing and understanding our rules will help mitigate this issue. There have been several changes made to our rules this year, the biggest one being the game time. I received so much feedback from coaches last fall and during registrations this year regarding our doubleheaders being against the same team. To eliminate this, the game time has been adjusted to accommodate teams switching fields.


This season has already proved that Umpires are extremely hard to come by and we do not want to lose the ones we have been lucky enough to get. Please be respectful to them. They will not call a perfect every single time, they are human and will make mistakes, please be understanding of that. There will be games that are being manned by a single umpire, this is due to the staffing shortage of umpires. Please know that these officials will do their best, but they will not catch every call, again just be respectful.


Calls will not be overturned and only you as the head coach can speak to the officials. Be respectful, speak to them the way you would like to be spoken to. Officials will not come back if they are not treated with respect.

Game Schedule

The first 3 weeks of games for the season have been scheduled. The remaining will be rescheduled later so I can assess the performance of each team and schedule games according to team performance. However, if your team is in an age division with 6 or fewer teams a full reset of the schedule will not occur.

Game Cancelations

Games may be canceled or changed due to unforeseen circumstances, such as inclement weather, or lack of umpires. You will be notified as soon as possible about the changes made to the schedule. If a team has players that have contracted COVID-19 and can no longer play, the games will be forfeited not rescheduled. I will do everything I can to reschedule makeup games for your designated game day, however, if needed games will be rescheduled on a different day during the week. I will not reschedule a game for a different day without communicating this to you beforehand.

Keeping Score

The home team will be responsible for keeping score. Each team will be given score sheets to fill out during the game. These must be turned in to the site supervisor before your team leaves the field. I have directed them all to get them from you, please do not leave the field without turning these in. The game time will be kept by the umpires.

Regular Season Standings
Lower Division
Ogden Billy Goats 7300.700
Morgan Trojans 6400.600
Weber Masons 5500.500
Valley Bulls 2800.2001
Syracuse Bolts 2800.2002
Tribe 01000.000
Upper Division
Vaqueros 8110.850
Wildfire 7210.750
Bear River Bears 6310.6501
Blue Socks 6310.6502
Khaos 5410.550
Weber Legacy 3610.350
PCT = Winning PercentageHTH = Head-To-Head

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