NFC 7th Grade

Spring 2022  -  Football 7on7
Welcome to 7 on 7 Friday Night Lights!
I anticipate that this will be our best season yet, we have added a new age division this year and welcome all 3rd/4th grade teams! We also have adjusted some of our rules to meet the demands and changes of this growing game. 
All games will be double-headers on Friday nights and each team will play 10 games in 5 weeks. If you have any questions throughout the season, do not hesitate to reach out. Thank you again for joining this league and supporting your community and good luck this season!
Regular Season Standings
Tip Top 7300.7004.30
Storm 21 6310.6509.70
Ogden Tigers 4800.333-6.17
Alpha Red 2600.250-6.88
Spartans Blue 01000.000-18.30
Bear River Bears 10010.95510.45
Morgan Trojans 7th 9010.95017.10
Davis Gold 7300.700--6.60
Farmington 7300.700--4.30
Utah Prospects 7th grade 4200.6677.83
Mustangs 6400.6004.90
Farmington Phoenix 5410.5501.80
Patriots 2 4400.500-3.13
Grizzlies Silver 4600.4001-1.30
Hive Athletics White 4600.4002-1.30
Ridgeline 3600.333-4.11
Hive Athletics Gold 2800.200-10.50
Spartans White 1900.100-14.40
PCT = Winning PercentageHTH = Head-To-HeadAPDiff = Average Point Differential

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