Coed Softball

Fall 2019  -  Softball - Adult
Team Name Team Contact Phone Number
Azomite  Tren McPherson 435-660-1685
 Bainter Brooke Bainter 435-610-6488
 Bat Intentions Jenna Camp 435-660-0507
 KCB Diesel Performance Bailee Bryan 435-660-1117
 O'Doyle Rules Tyrell Allred 435-660-0746
 The Runs Chase Street 435-660-9394
 Warning Track Power Colton Christensen 435-851-2430
Tournament Key Rules:
  • Prizes will go to the top two teams.
  • All games will be 50 minutes or 7 innings, whichever comes first, including the championship game and IF game.
  • The highest seed will be home.
  • The tournament bracket is different than what is being reflected on here. I didn't like the way the losers bracket was listed and was unable to change the way it was set up so I created my own tournament bracket. All team captains were texted the tournament bracket. What is listed on the below schedule will be everyone's first game. Then check with your team captain for the rest of the tournament schedule.
  • Because we only have two fields, 9:30 pm games will be necessary in order to complete a double elimination tournament bracket in two weeks.
Regular Season Standings
Azomite 1201.0007.83
O'Doyle Rules 1020.8333.33
KCB Diesel Performance 660.500-1.17
Bainter 480.3331-1.17
Bat Intentions 480.3331-2.00
Warning Track Power 390.2501-2.67
The Runs 390.2501-4.17
PCT = Winning PercentageHTH = Head-To-HeadARDiff = Average Run Differential

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