Girls Machine Pitch

Summer 2019  -  Softball - Fastpitch
1) Good sportsmanship from parents, coaches and participants is expected at all times.
2) Rain-out information can be found at Nephi Recreation's website here.
3) Pictures will be on Wednesday, May 29th, at the Nebo View Complex.
4) Games will be played at Nebo View Complex East Field (new dirt infield field) at 940 N 400 E, Nephi.
5) Visitor will bat first. Home will get last at bats.
6) No new inning after 50 minutes of playing time.
7) There are no walks.
8) Batters are given 3 strikes. If a batter DOES NOT swing at a pitch, it is not a strike. (6 pitch max per batter if batter doesn’t attempt to swing at 6 pitches in a row. If no attempt, batter will be called out, unless problems with machine).
9) Foul balls count as strikes except on the third strike.
10) Any ball hit that strikes the pitching machine will be considered a fair ball.
11) No stealing bases.
12) 6 run limit per team in each inning.
13) On a ball hit to the outfield, the base runners may advance until the ball is touched by a player in the infield. At that time the base runners may advance to the base they were going to at their own risk of being called out.
14) 10 players may take the field defensively with free substitution. (10th player must play in the outfield)
15) Teams can play with less than 10 players with no penalty.
16) It is required that each team member play at least one half of the game defensively.
17) No scores or standings will be kept.
Bandits 435-660-0434 Mandee Allen
Riptide 208-310-0208 Paul Finn
Sunbirds 435-979-8893 DaNell Bailey
Thunder 435-660-9361 Anthony Worwood
Game schedule is not available