5th-6th Grade (Coed)

Spring 2019  -  Soccer - Youth
Game Location:
*First 2 weeks-Nebo View Complex - 940 N 400 E in Nephi)
*Rest of Season- Town Square Soccer Fields (200 N 200 E Nephi)
League Rules:

1) Our goal is to play 8 on 8.  Teams must have at least 6 players on the field to prevent an "official forfeit"; a five minute grace period will be allowed from scheduled game time.

2) Is is recommended that all participants play equal time. Please help your child attend practices to be ready for each game.

3)Teams need to show up 15 minutes early to their games, so we can start on time and teams can get warmed up. 

4)There will be two 22 minute halves with a 5 minute half time.

5)Games that end regular time with a tie will end with a tie. Shootouts will only occur in  post season tournament play.

6) Off-sides will be called.

7) No slide tackles or tackles from behind.  You may slide to stop the ball or block a goal, but you cannot trip another player.  Additionally, youth are not allowed to extend arms and push off.

8) Home team will kick off & will provide "game ball". Visitors will kick off to start the second half.

9) Please have participants dressed in layers to stay warm.

10) Participants should bring a water bottle to each game.

11) Team pictures will be April 30 or May 1 at Town Square Soccer Fields 

12) No games the last week of school.

13) Post season Tournament: June 3-5


Bad Weather Instructions: 

In the case of bad weather, please check our website www.nephirecreation.com for instructions.  We will post the updates at least 30 minutes before game time.

**Rain Make up dates will be Thur May 30

Russ Bender 801-497-1820 Titans
Gerratt Bethers 801-494-3068 Nemeses
Sadie Cunningham 801-656-7081 Avengers
Becki Cowan 801-830-5167 Shockers
Danielle Zeeman 801-592-7897 Revolution
Eve Petersen 435-610-0162 Rush Hour


Regular Season Standings
Titans 710490.875
Nemeses 512410.750
Shockers 350210.375
Avengers 242200.375
Revolution 251170.3131
Rush Hour 251170.3132
Points = Calculated PointsPCT = Winning PercentageHTH = Head-To-Head

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