NPSL Girls Grade 2

Spring 2019  -  Soccer - Youth
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All games start at designated times. Duration of match is two 25 minutes halves.
Spectators occupy one side of field. Both team and coaches the opposite side.
Rain Out Information can be found at
Parents and coaches may sign up for email and/or text alerts regarding cancellations through Naperville Park District website.
Scores and standings can be found at
Home/Away jersey color listed in standings if provided.
Tie breakers may apply and can be found of NPSL website.
NPSL Coordinator: Kim Levitt
Regular Season Standings
1 CarselloPink/Light Blue 00000
2 CringeanuWhite/Red 00000
3 Feind 00000
4 GebbieGrey/Green 00000
5 KobeRed/Navy 00000
6 LagaLight Blue/Pink 00000
7 Lund/Leen 00000
8 PenichOrange/Purple 00000
9 QuinnLight Blue/Purple 00000
10 WolfRed/White 00000
11 ZeisloftSky Blue/White 00000
Points = Calculated Points

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