Tommy Nevin's Tune up 12"

Spring 2012  -  Softball - Adult
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1.   No alcoholic beverages on Park District property, including parking lots.
2.   A coin flip determines Home and Away in Pool Play on Saturday. Highest Seed is Home Team on Sunday: If same seed, Coin Toss.

3.      If a game in progress is suspended due to weather, before it has become official, it will resume at the exact point it was stopped.

4.      If the game is tied after 7 innings- the ASA tie-break procedure will be used.

5.      Protests will be handled on the field; all decisions by the tournament coordinator are final.

6.      Slaughter rules will be 20 runs after 4 innings and 10 after 5 or 6.

7.   3 Home Runs per team, per game.

8.      2 warm up pitches maximum between innings. Return ball to pitcher after out – no throw around. No infield ball after the first inning.

9.      All teams must have their participants sign the roster/waiver prior to playing in a game. This is to be submitted to the tournament coordinator. A player may only play on one team.

10.  Only ASA – Official Bats may be used. A list of banned bats is available on ASA’s website,

11.  Rainout and make-up information, as well as Sunday’s schedule will be available at or call (630)-848-0993.

12.  Start with 1-1 count. No extra/courtesy foul ball.

Regular Season Standings
Ken's Beverage 301.000
Tommy Nevin's Precision 301.000
Tommy Nevin's KBI 301.000
Tommy Nevin's Goodwood 210.667
Tommy Nevin's Foiled 210.667
Labriola Doughboys 210.667
Tommy Nevins Golf Invite 120.333
Rip N Sip 120.333
No Shows 120.333
Wolfpack 030.000
Tommy Nevin's Hulkamania 030.000
Tommy Nevin's 12" Toughies 030.000
PCT = Winning Percentage

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