Kindergarten T-Ball NORTH

Spring 2023  -  T-Ball

Rockies (81450) - PHILLIPS

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This schedule contains teams in the NORTH division.  Check your team specific code number and head coach listed next to your team name to ensure you are looking at the correct division.  If your code number and head coach don't match, you are in a different division.
Game Field Maps:
Nike Park game field maps can be found HERE.
Tball Rules:
Rules for Tball can be found HERE.
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Team List
Brewers (84686) - MORRIS
Diamondbacks (84682) - RITZMAN
Mets (81485) - NIERMAN
Nationals (81452) - VOSS
Orioles (84690) - SAWYER
Phillies (84684) - AUER
Rangers (84688) - HAMBURG
Red Sox (81446) - GARNER
Rockies (81450) - PHILLIPS
Yankees (81451) - WOLFE

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