NPD Girls Softball 5th/6th Grade

Spring 2023  -  Softball - Fastpitch
Welcome to the 2023 Spring/Summer Girls Softball League
All games are recreation based and there are no standings or games scores recorded.
This league is about fun and fundamentals!  A blind draw single elimination tournament will be held at the conclusion of the season.
Good luck and have fun!
Please remember: Good Sportsmanship depends on all of us!
Regular Season Standings
Auburn #81534 Kelly 000.000
Georgia #81528 Borelli 000.000
Kansas #81535 Snarey 000.000
Kentucky #84540 Caylor 000.000
LSU Tigers #84086 Pecoraro 000.000
Michigan #84087 Leen 000.000
Oklahoma St. #84106 Schupe 000.000
Texas A&M #84107 Jermal 000.000
PCT = Winning Percentage

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