NYS Boys Kindergarten CENTRAL

Spring 2023  -  Soccer - Youth
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Jersey Colors:
Home team (listed first) wears yellow; visitors (listed second) wear blue. Spectators occupy one side of the field. Both teams and coaches on the opposite side.
Teams are responsible for supplying a volunteer referee for each game.  The volunteer referee may be a parent, coach or sibling ages 18 or older.  The home team provides the volunteer for periods 1-3 and the away team provides the volunteer for periods 4-6.  
Game Length:
All games start at designated times. Duration of the games--six 6-minute periods with a 2-minute break at periods. Half-time is 5 minutes. Teams change goals at half.
Weather Information/Cancellations
Coaches and parents should check the Rainout Line prior to every game regardless of current weather conditions.  Any field closures will be communicated through the Rainout Line by 7:45am Saturday.  Games cancelled by the Naperville Park District due to weather or field conditions may be rescheduled to the rain date or to another day of the week based on league needs and field availability.  Games will NOT be rescheduled due to personal conflicts. 
Rainout Line: www.napervilleparks.org/cancellations 
NYS Coordinator:

*** Schedule contains DOUBLE HEADERS ***   

Team List
76505 - Gartner Park (Fri)
76509 - Meadow Glens Park (Wed)
76510 - Olesen Farm Park (Wed)
76511 - Prairie Park (Fri)
76516 - Maplebrook School (Fri)
76519 - Meadow Glens School (Fri)
76523 - Winding Creek Park (Mon)
76534 - Elmwood School (Fri)
76536 - Maplebrook School (Thurs)
76537 - Elmwood School (Mon)
76539 - Prairie Park (Thurs)
76540 - Winding Creek Park (Tues)
82979 - Meadow Glens School (Tues)

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