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NYS Boys Grade 1 NORTH

Fall 2021  -  Soccer - Youth
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Home team wears yellow; visitors wear blue. Spectators occupy one side of the field. Both teams and coaches on the opposite side.
All games start at designated times. Duration of the games--six 6-minute periods with a 2-minute break at periods. Half-time is 5 minutes. Teams change goals at half.
Coordinator:           Jackie Lawdensky     630-864-3923
Coaches and parents should check the weather/cancellation web page prior to every game regardless of current weather conditions. 

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Team List
60813 - Beebe School (Fri)
60817 - Highlands School (Wed)
60819 - May Watts Park (Thurs)
60820 - Olesen Farm Park (Fri)
60821 - Prairie Park (Thurs)
60822 - Arrowhead Park (Wed)
60828 - Mill Street Park (Tues)
60829 - Meadow Glens (Mon)
60831 - Brookdale School (Tues)
60837 - Cress Creek Park (Mon)
60838 - Cress Creek Park (Mon)
60842 - Highlands School (Tues)
63279 - Olesen Farm Park (Wed)
63846 - Mill Street Park (Fri)

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