Naperville Flag Football League Grades 1-3

Spring 2019  -  Flag Football - Youth

Cardinals 36261 (Harris Fawell Tu/Th)

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Home team is listed first and wears dark color jerseys; visitors wear light color. Spectators occupy one side of the field. Both teams and coaches on the opposite side.
All games start at designated times. Duration of the game is a 60 minute running clock with a 2 minute half-time at the 29 minute mark. Teams change sides at half.                                               
Rain out information:
Regular Season Standings
49ers 36213 (Commissioners M/W) 000.000
Buccaneers 36260 (Commissioners (Tu/Th) 000.000
Cardinals 36261 (Harris Fawell Tu/Th) 000.000
Eagles 36624 (Ranchview M/W) 000.000
Falcons 38754 (Commissioners (Tu/Th) 000.000
Saints 36263 (Prairie Park M/W) 000.000
PCT = Winning Percentage

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