Tuesday Men's Church/Recreation

Summer 2023  -  Softball - Adult
All balls must be 12-inch 52-core ball, .300 compression yellow optic color.
Balls with ASA or USA Logo will be used for all recreational, competitive, and church teams.
Official's Fee is $25 per game
Game time starts once the first team hands over cash to the umpire 
Regular Season Standings
Birmingham Steppers 801.0004.88
Bluff Park 610.8577.57
Planet Earth 620.750114.00
Cahaba Height Crawdiddies 620.75029.63
Goon Squad 530.625110.13
Birmingham Savages 530.625211.38
Alabama Stars N Strikes 430.57111.00
Pheonix Club 440.500--8.00
Shades Slammers 440.500--10.13
Swamp A's 440.500--11.75
The Swingers 440.500--12.00
Mountaintop 440.500--13.25
Whiskey Richards 440.500--13.63
The Long Balls 440.500--14.38
The Tribe 350.375--7.88
Free Agents 350.375--13.25
Below Average Joes 350.375--13.63
Roman Missiles 260.250--11.25
Yellowhammers 260.250--16.00
Super Mash Bros 260.250--16.38
Team Friendship 080.00013.13
PCT = Winning PercentageHTH = Head-To-HeadARA = Average Runs Allowed

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