Girls 5th/6th Grade

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Girls 5th/6th Grade Games COVID Policies 
All Players, Coaches, Parents and Siblings must a wear a mask to enter Sertoma or Green Valley Gym. Players have the option to take their mask off only when they are on the court playing basketball. All players sitting on the bench during the game have to wear a mask. 
If you have a 7pm or 8pm game at Sertoma or Green Valley only coaches and players are allowed to enter the gym early the game. All parents and siblings must remain in the car until all the parents from the previous game either 6pm or 7pm game have left the gym. If you are a parent/sibling with a 7pm or 8pm game please do not enter until all the parents from the previous game have left the gym. 
Playoff Bracket

Champion [1] Lady Warriors
2nd [2] Lady Mavericks
3rd [4] Lady Bulls
3rd [3] Lady Celtics
[1] Lady Warriors   17

Game 1

Mon 2/8/21

6:00 PM

[1] Lady Warriors   36

Game 3

Mon 2/8/21

8:00 PM

[4] Lady Bulls   10
[1] Lady Warriors 
[2] Lady Mavericks   21

Game 2

Mon 2/8/21

7:00 PM

[2] Lady Mavericks   9
[3] Lady Celtics   17
Regular Season Standings
Lady Warriors 601.0008.00
Lady Mavericks 330.50021.33
Lady Celtics 340.42920.00
Lady Bulls 160.14318.86
PCT = Winning PercentageHTH = Head-To-HeadAPA = Average Points Against

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Home team listed second

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