Wednesday Men's Recreation

Adult Softball Summer 2019  -  Softball - Adult
All Balls must be 12-inch 52-core ball, .300 compression yellow optic color ball with ASA Logo will be used for all recreational, competitive, and church teams
Regular Season Standings
Max Motorsports 8001.0005.13
H&H Toolboxes 6200.7507.00
ADL 5300.62515.13
AlchoBALLics 5300.62529.38
Trailer Park Boys 4400.5009.63
TABPUL 3500.37512.00
Was it a Catch 0710.063112.00
Steyr Arms 0710.063114.38
PCT = Winning PercentageHTH = Head-To-HeadARA = Average Runs Allowed

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