12U Hits For Heroes Slam

2017 Events  -  Softball - Fastpitch
5/17/17 - 3pm

Rain is in the forecast. I will post any rain/field condition updates here. I will be depending on the parks department to give me updates because they do have the final say on if we can use the fields or not. Unfortunately, if it rains during the middle of the night on Friday chances are slim that the field status will be updated in time to keep teams from leaving home to get there in time for an 8am game. Please assume the fields are playable until we post that the are not. If I do not have anything posted here then I do not have any news to relay. Thanks for your patience. For more immediate updates follow us on Twitter @GrandSlamTourn
5/20/17 - 4am
We did get some rain last night.  The parks departments will not be out to give the final word until closer to 6-6:30am but it does look hopeful that we will play.
Pool Play Standings
NTX Vipers '04 3001.000--1.335.003.67
Instinct '05 3001.000--2.334.332.00
USSSA Pride Gold 12U - Wood 3001.000--4.007.673.67
Grapevine Storm - Himes 2100.667--
Full Throttle '04 - Denney 2100.667--2.334.672.33
12U Angels Elite - Johnson 2100.667--2.334.672.33
Texas Savage 2100.667--2.675.002.33
EPIC Softball 2100.667--3.336.002.67
TGA 12U - Cochran 2100.667--3.673.33-0.33
Mavs 2100.667--4.004.330.33
Waco Heat '05 1110.500--2.676.333.00
CenTex Buzz - Bartels 1110.500--4.003.33-0.67
12U Angels Elite -DFW 1110.500--4.675.000.33
Texas Glory 2k5 1200.333--3.673.00-0.67
Lady Panthers 1200.333--4.004.330.33
Texas Elite - Toal 1200.333--4.003.00-1.00
Texas Elite - Black 1200.333--5.673.67-2.00
RAGE Softball Club 12U 1200.333--7.672.67-5.00
Titans Softball 12U 0210.1676.674.33-2.33
Rippin' Rebels 0300.000--6.003.00-3.00
CTX Bombers - Baladez 0300.000--7.000.00-7.00
Garland Lady Bombers 12U 0300.000--8.331.67-6.00
PCT = Winning PercentageHTH = Head-To-HeadARA = Average Runs AllowedARS = Average Runs ScoredARDiff = Average Run Differential

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