10U Spring Fling Slam

2017 Events  -  Softball - Fastpitch
4/26/17 - 8pm

I will post any rain/field condition updates here. There is a chance of rain during the night. Hopefully the system will move through quickly and not effect us at all. I will be depending on the parks department to give me updates because they do have the final say on if we can use the fields or not. Unfortunately, if it rains during the middle of the night chances are slim that the field status will be updated in time to keep teams from leaving home to get there in time for an 8am game. Please assume the fields are playable until we post that the are not. If I do not have anything posted here then I do not have any news to relay. Thanks for your patience.
4/28/17 - 10pm
Still keeping a watchful eye on the weather.  Radar shows it being pretty far North.  Hopefully it will stay up there.  See you all tomorrow!
Pool Play Standings
Dallas Tigers East 10U 301.000
Lady Cobras 210.667
Texas Glory Adkins - Eldrigde 110.500
NC Bad Company 120.333
Texas Glory Adkins 10U - Golden 030.000
PCT = Winning Percentage

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