8U Boys Tucker

2021 GRPA Class A State Basketball  -  Basketball - Youth
Tournament Bracket

3rd [B2] D-5C Whitfield Co
3rd [C1] D-2 S.Bryan County
5th [C2] D-6 City of Tucker
5th [A2] D-6 Walton Co.
[A1] D-5RU Paulding Co.   33

Game 3

Sat 3/6/21

12:00 PM

[A1] D-5RU Paulding Co. 
[B2] D-5C Whitfield Co   33

Game 1

Sat 3/6/21

9:00 AM

[B2] D-5C Whitfield Co   24
[C2] D-6 City of Tucker   11
[B1] D- 4 College Park   45

Game 4

Sat 3/6/21

1:15 PM

[C1] D-2 S.Bryan County   31
[B1] D- 4 College Park 

Game 2

Sat 3/6/21

10:15 AM

[C1] D-2 S.Bryan County   19
[A2] D-6 Walton Co.   26
Pool Play Standings
A D-5RU Paulding Co. 101.000
A D-6 Walton Co. 010.000
B D- 4 College Park 101.000
B D-5C Whitfield Co 010.000
C D-2 S.Bryan County 101.000
C D-6 City of Tucker 010.000
PCT = Winning Percentage

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