Men's 16" Softball - Thursday - Revised 9/10/2020

Summer 2020  -  Softball - Adult
Welcome to the 2020 Summer/Fall Men's 16" Softball League!
Please familiarize yourself with the important league information and rules listed below to ensure a safe, fun & successful season for all:
COVID-19 Related Safety Rules
Due to COVID-19 and to ensure methods are in place in case contact tracing is needed, the Park District is requiring all team captains to share attendance log links with their team players for them to submit who was in attendance on each date of the Co-Rec 14" Softball League. Anyone who was physically at the park should complete this form. This includes and is not limited to: players, coaches, parents and any other spectators present. These Google Forms will be emailed by the Athletic Supervisor the following day of each game this season.

The following rules are in place to allow physical distancing.  If CDC or Restore Illinois guidelines allow for these rules to loosen up or be eliminated, that decision will be communicated to all team captains and will take effect immediately upon notification.



Before allowing participation, the umpire or supervisor will ask all players whether they are currently exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms. If a player does have symptoms, they must leave and should wait to return to play for a minimum of 10 days after symptom onset OR until feverless and feeling well (without fever-reducing medication) for at least 72 hours OR confirmed to not have COVID-19 via 1 negative COVID-19 test.



Games will be scheduled in staggered 75-minute time slots each week. Games will be given 60-minutes from the listed starting time to finish. It is imperative that teams are packing up and vacating the field immediately upon game completion to ensure a safe and seamless transition from one game to the next. This will allow for players leaving the ball field to get to their cars before the next arriving teams are travelling towards the ball field for their game.



In order to minimize close proximity, the following will be in place to avoid batters, catchers and umpires from having to wear a face covering:

  • Umpire will position behind home plate to call balls and strikes, 6’ away from batter
  • Catcher will be off to the side, at least 6’ away
  • Umpire will return pitches back to the pitcher or toss ball to catcher to return to the pitcher


  • Players may not sit closer than 6’ away from each other in the designated bench area
  • The Park District will provide hand sanitizer for teams to use at games. These stations will be available by each dugout and will be hung up by the field supervisor
  • It is recommended that each team brings at least one hand sanitizer bottle as a backup that is shared with the team
  • It is recommended that hand sanitizer is used after coming in from the field or after taking an at bat (when it’s convenient to do so)
  • Players should wear face coverings when not on the field of play


  • Teams will not line up to shake hands after the game
  • When the game is over, teams cannot socialize on the field or outside the field. Teams must disperse immediately
  • Teams waiting for a game to end prior to their game starting, must do so while keeping a 6’ distance at all times
  • Spectators must maintain 6’ physical distancing throughout the game and should wear face coverings
  • Existing seating (bleachers) for spectators will be limited to 20% capacity with spectators wearing face coverings. Diagram of bleacher occupancy available for viewing/download at under the “Downloads” tab.



  • Field supervisor will wear mask when engaging with players, umpire or others in close proximity
  • NO ALCOHOL POLICY – The no alcohol policy will be strictly enforced. Teams are prohibited from congregating/drinking before, during or after games. Due to COVID-19, teams will be expected to arrive for game play and immediately disperse from the park following the completion of the game. FAILURE TO ADHERE TO THE NO ALCOHOL POLICY WILL RESULT IN FORFEITURE OF LEAGUE GAMES, PLAYOFF ELIGIBILITY AND NO REFUND OF LEAGUE FEE.
Playoff Bracket

1st [1] Carol's Cookies
2nd [2] Designated Drinkers
3rd [4] Dirt E.P.
3rd [3] Burning Bush Yahoos
5th [5] Grandpa's Place
5th [6] Good Wood
[1] Carol's Cookies   17

Game 3

Tue 9/15/20

7:45 PM

[1] Carol's Cookies   12
[4] Dirt E.P.   12

Game 5

Thu 9/17/20

7:45 PM


Game 1

Tue 9/15/20

6:30 PM

[4] Dirt E.P.   6
[5] Grandpa's Place   11
[1] Carol's Cookies 
[2] Designated Drinkers   6

Game 4

Tue 9/15/20

7:45 PM

[3] Burning Bush Yahoos   9
[2] Designated Drinkers   6

Game 2

Tue 9/15/20

6:30 PM

[3] Burning Bush Yahoos   5
[6] Good Wood   5
Regular Season Standings
1 Carol's Cookies 801.000 
2 Designated Drinkers 530.62511
3 Burning Bush Yahoos 530.62512
4 Dirt E.P. 350.37511
5 Grandpa's Place 350.37512
6 Good Wood 080.000 
PCT = Winning PercentageHTH = Head-To-HeadHTHDiff = Head-To-Head Differential

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