Men's 18 & Over "Draft" League

Winter 2019-2020  -  Basketball - Adult

Giving Recreation A Christian Emphasis

ROSTERS are available at link to the left.  Click on "DOWNLOADABLE FILES"
League Rules/Procedures:
Fee must be paid and online registration/waiver completed to receive a jersey and be allowed to play.
Home team wears white jerseys and sits to the left of the scoreboard.
Away team wears blue jerseys and sits to the right of the scoreboard.


  • Court access begins at 5:45 PM. High School boys have the court untill then.
  • No shooting at open basket during game – applies to all people present.
  • At half time and pre-game warm-up, the only ones who should be shooting baskets are the players who have paid to play in that game.
  • During games, balls must remain in the rack.  Don’t bring your own ball. We will have plenty.
  • Spectators are welcome.  For the safety of all, both children and adults should remain behind the benches at least, if not, on the stage.
  • Referees will enforce the rules.  Before play begins, all balls must be placed in the rack. It is a safety thing.


  • Prayer at center court with both teams to begin games.
  • 20 min. running half, with 10-minute halftime.
  • Clock stops last 2 minutes of the game, unless there is a margin of 20+ points. In this case, game play will continue but will already be "decided" in the books.
  • Sub on a dead ball.
  • On foul shots, play the release; shooter and those outside arc on the rim.
  • Give your number when you foul.
  • Technical fouls will not be shot; rather 2 points will be awarded to the other team and the ball.
  • Dunking is not permitted in this league and will result in technical foul being assessed.
  • Profanity is not permitted.  A team Technical Foul will be assessed if heard by a referee.  In the case of repeated occurrences by the same player these technical will be counted against the player instead of a team foul. The team will retain the ball at the point of interruption.
  • 3 time outs per game.
  • Each player will be allowed 6 personal fouls per game. 
  • Overtime (1st & 2nd) 3 min., clock stops in last minute; if tied after 2OT, game is a tie.
  • Traveling or absent, please call team captain ahead of time.
  • Other rules as noted by referees prior to game start.
  • Must be at least 18 to be rostered on a team. Teams to carry 8 players (maximum) on roster.
  • Other rules as noted by referees prior to game start.
  • In the event of bad weather assume game is on unless notified by your coach.
  • The coaches for each team are fully responsible for player conduct during the games. In the event of any player misconduct it is the coaches’ responsibility to remove the player from the game. Any ejected player may not return to that game on that day. If the referee is forced to eject a player due to misconduct, then the player will serve an immediate two game suspension. 
  • Additionally if a player receives two technical fouls in one season, it is equal to an ejection, even if he 2nd technical did not occur in the same game.
  • In cases of an ejection, the player must also consult the league director for permission back into the league and a chance to have their appeal heard. Keep in mind FCC’s sports philosophy, GRACE: "Giving Recreation a Christian Emphasis"

Keep in mind that you are not perfect and make mistakes.  Don't be surprised that the referees may as well.  Questions are fine, arguing and belligerence is not.

Home team listed first
Away team listed second

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