Coed Softball

Summer 2019  -  Softball - Adult

Giving Recreation A Christian Emphasis

League Rules:


1. Spiritual Readiness

*  Home captain will lead both teams and the umpire in prayer at home plate before first pitch

*  Closing prayer with your team in the dugout after the game (win, lose, or tie)


2. Schedule

* Detailed schedule is maintained on quick scores and will be updated accordingly related to cancellations, records, and playoffs

* In case of a weather incident, the league coordinator will make decisions to cancel games and will share directly with the captains who will share with their teams


3. Sportsmanship

* The coaches for each softball team are fully responsible for player conduct during the softball games. In the event of any player misconduct, it is the coaches’ responsibility to remove the player from the game. Any ejected player may not return to that game on that day. If the umpire is forced to eject a player due to misconduct, then the player will serve an immediate two-game suspension. The player must also consult the league director for permission back into the league and a chance to have their appeal heard. Keep in mind FCC’s sports philosophy, GRACE: "Giving Recreation a Christian Emphasis”

* Respect to the umpires is important, they are amateurs to support a church recreational league, please use good discretion to ask for clarification or make polite inquiries on calls and not argue or yell at them directly.  Ideally communication to the umpires is handled by the captains


4. Field Setup

The bases will already be setup by Central Park Fields, any adjustments or changes are at the sole discretion of the umpire who manages the positioning of all bases & the pitching rubber

* The game balls will be provided by the league coordinator to the umpires (prior to each game)


5. Game Start

* The captains and umpire will review the rules and declare any special conditions before the game and the start of the game prayer


6. Game Time 

* 7 innings or 75 minutes max per game.  When time becomes an issue or additional innings are required (tie) additional innings will start at the sole discretion of the umpire

* To maintain game time and competitive balance, there is a 7 run limit up until the last inning which is unlimited.


7. Uniform Requirements

Metal spike cleats are not allowed

* Please use personal judgment in aluminum and wooden to ensure ultimate safety and competitive balance, no specific requirements related to certification

* Except for opening weekend (scrimmage games), all players must wear uniforms


8. Team Roster

All players must be 18 years old, no exceptions otherwise

* Substitutes can be used, if required, but anyone playing multiple games must be registered

* For each game, you are encouraged to have no fewer than 6 males and 3 females


9. At Bats

All batters start with a 1 ball, 1 strike count when they come to bat

* Only 1 foul when at a 2 strike count, the second foul & the batter is out

* Balls and strikes are the discretion of the umpire (typical guide is the width of the plate and height of the gut to knees

* Pitches must no less 6 feet high or no greater than 12 ft high or they will be called balls


10. Lineup

The batting order must rotate 2 males, 1 female, 2 males, 1 female… if you have 6 males and 4 females, you can successful manage through one order.  However, it is most likely your team will require a separate male and female batting order

* All players must bat, even if not currently playing in the field


11. In the Field

Teams must maintain a good faith effort to secure a field of play with 6 males and 4 females

* If only 3 females are active, the captain can play 7 males and 3 females in the field

* If starting 3 females, 1 must play in the infield, 1 in the outfield, and 1 in either the infield or the outfield (but not catcher or pitcher to maintain competitive roster balance)

* If starting 4 or more females, a female is now able to pitch or catch

* In the case of less than 3 females or an invalid roster, the opposing captains will meet with the umpires to gain consensus on a workable solution (for example 2 females, but only 7 males in the field with one female playing in the infield and the other in the outfield).  If needed, the umpire will arbitrate for an agreed decision so not to cancel the game 


12. On Base

In the case of an injury that impacts a team member’s running, a pinch runner, of the same gender, can be used in that player’s place as the most previous out.

* If special conditions are required, a captain must make those requirements clear with the other captain and the umpire at the start of the game  

Regular Season Standings
1 Bregel 710.875
2 Frecke 620.750
3 Schlarman 530.625
4 Brennan 440.500
5 Mulderink 440.500
6 Nalley 260.250
7 Gover 080.000
PCT = Winning Percentage

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