Northern Utah Baseball Tournament - 1st/2nd Grade

Summer 2022  -  Baseball - Youth

*Extra Innings- if there needs to be extra innings.  We will start with a base runner on 2nd base - The runner is the batter preceding the first batter of the inning in the batting order - we will have a winner in each pool play game*
**Coin toss to determine home team if seeds are the same and on the same side of the bracket-
Championship Game will always have home team be from the Winners bracket no matter the seeding-
If Game will be coin toss to determine home team**
Pool Play Standings
Blue Layton White 301.000
Blue Layton Blue 210.667
Blue Centerville 120.333
Blue Syracuse 030.000
Red Layton Red 210.6671
Red South Davis 210.6672
Red Farmington 120.3331
Red Kaysville 120.3332
PCT = Winning PercentageHTH = Head-To-Head

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