Tuesday 30+

Summer 2023  -  Basketball - Adult

City of El Paso

Regular Season Standings
D Squad 601.000--jersey
Old School 601.000--jersey
Indios 510.833--jersey
Owls 510.833--jersey
Rottweilers 510.833--jersey
Renegades 510.833--jersey
Ole' Boys 330.500--jersey
Rim Rockers 330.500--jersey
Ambassadors 330.500--jersey
Down For Whatever 240.333--jersey
Bussin Cider 240.333--jersey
SC Write Off 240.333--jersey
Spartans 150.167 jersey
The Hotshots 060.000--jersey
Lakers 060.000--jersey
Rebels 060.000--jersey
PCT = Winning PercentageHTHDiff = Head-To-Head Differential

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