Sunday Marty Mixed South

Spring/ Summer 2023  -  Softball - Adult

City of El Paso

TEAM UNIFORMS MUST BE THE SAME AS OF NOW (jerseys must be the same color and have the same design) and have a non-duplicate number. A forfeit will be given to the team not in compliance with the jersey color/design rule.
Rosters must be submitted online & waivers must be signed and turned in to sports staff otherwise you'll receive forfeits & scores wont be posted until you do so. Players need to have city issued i'd card.
Regular Season Standings
Guzzlers EP Coed 142jersey
Old Skool 133jersey
Silent Explosion 115jersey
Ice Cold Pitchers 106jersey
New Era 610jersey
Cleats 'n Cleavage 610jersey
Players Club 412jersey
Basic Pitches 016jersey

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