2020 Spring Adult Co-ed Kickball

2020 Spring Kickball League  -  Kickball

City of El Paso

2020 Kickball Rules: 
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Rule change: III. The Game  L. 6
sliding is allowed by the base runner on all bases except 1st base
Rule change: III. The Game  L. 14
Games will have an extended home plate scoring line
  • Scoring line - Runs are scored by crossing or touching the "scoring line" with any body part. Runners that touch home plate will be considered out. All plays at home are considered force-out. Runners that are tagged are considered out.
  • Point of No Return-If crossed must proceed to go home. If returned back it will be an automatic out.
Regular Season Standings
Kicksquad 40
Kickity Kicks 31
Lets Kick It 32
Not in the Face 22
Blue Balls 22
Rockets! 22
Los Diablitos 23
New Kicks on the Block 13
Shockers 04

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