6U Boys/Girls

Winter 2018-2019  -  Basketball - Youth
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Regular Season Standings
Desoto Texas Buccaneers 6UBoys/Girls 7001.000
Desoto Havoc 6UBoys/Girls 6100.857
Desoto Hoops for Purpose Red Ransom 6UBoys/Girls 5200.714
Desoto Hoops for Purpose Blue Keeling 6UBoys/Girls 4300.5711
Desoto Hoops for Purpose White Thomas 6UBoys/Girls 4300.5712
Desoto BWZ 6U Boys 3400.429
Desoto Tigers 6UBoys/Girls 2410.357
DeSoto Hornets 6UBoys/Girls 1510.214
Desoto NTX Seahawks 6UBoys/Girls 1600.1431
Desoto NJH Elite 6UBoys/Girls 0520.1432
PCT = Winning PercentageHTH = Head-To-Head

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