Thursday - Men's D

Summer 2019  -  Softball - Adult
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 League Information

Each team is responsible for finding out information on all game times! Below are the rules for this upcoming season as well as the code of conduct.


All players and spectators attending is expected to show good sportsmanship at all times. We do not want to have to take and disciplinary actions on anyone. 

Rules & Code of Conduct


Rain Out Line:

The Denton Athletic Field Condition line is (940) 349-8276 and will be updated by 4pm on weekdays and 8:30am on weekends when conditions are questionable. If we receive multiple rain -outs, games may be made up on Tuesday/Friday nights or Saturday afternoons. Schedules will be posted on this website when made available.



Please make sure to turn in your roster prior to the first game.

Please click here to print off roster.


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Regular Season Standings
D+L Farm+Home 601.0001.000 5.83
The Enforcers 510.8330.833 9.33
Designated Drinkers 420.6670.6671 5.50
Black Sox 420.6670.6672 3.33
Eskimo Hut 330.5000.500 -2.67
Living Legends 240.3330.333-----1.67
The Reapers 240.3330.333-----2.00
B-Teamer's 150.1670.167 -9.17
Moore Supply 060.0000.000 -8.50
PCT = Winning PercentagePCT = Winning PercentageHTH = Head-To-HeadHTHDiff = Head-To-Head DifferentialARDiff = Average Run Differential

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