Th Down South 'B'

Fall  -  Basketball
League Champion and league playoff winner advance to
'B' Champ of Champs Tournament
  • Max of two former College Players permitted per 'B' Division roster.
  • Uniform Policy: Players must have a jersey number (iron/screen printed). If a player does not have a number or if teammates have same jersey number, a 'uniform technical' is administered and the opposing team is awarded two points. A personal & team foul are also recorded.
  • If a player is administered two 'unsportsmanlike' technical fouls during a game, the player is ejected and will face a further suspension period (a uniform technical is not an unsportsmanlike technical).
  • If a team is administered three 'unsportsmanlike' technical fouls in a single game, the game is immediately stopped and declared a forfeit. Further action may be taken.
  • Players must play in 4 games (and be on roster prior to game time) to be eligible to play in any postseason games.
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Regular Season Standings
1 Drew League 8001.0000jersey
2 M.T.B (GoViral) 7100.8750jersey
3 The B Team 4400.50001jersey
4 Silver Bullets Trucking 4400.50002jersey
5 Berliner Blazers 3500.37501jersey
6 Back at it 3500.37502jersey
7 Peaked in High School 2600.2500jersey
8 So Icy Boyz 1700.1252jersey
PCT = Winning PercentageForfeit = Games ForfeitedHTH = Head-To-Head/Group

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