Tu CYP Club XO

Summer  -  Softball
Mixed Social (XO)
  • Plays with the Game Run Limit of 15 runs per game.
  • Top 4 teams qualify for league playoff. Playoff winner is league champion.
Visit CRPD Softball site for full rules and league info
For 2021 CRPD leagues, all bats must have NSA 2012 stamp:
Regular Season Standings
Bad Seagulls 910.90002692jersey
Crunchy Sharks 820.800015797jersey
Hungry Ducks 820.8000286102jersey
Clever Cobras 550.500017485jersey
Deadly Goats 550.500026482jersey
Magic Bears 460.40007583jersey
Iron Pandas 370.30008266jersey
Storm Yetis 280.200011954jersey
Nimble Lizards 190.100012143jersey
PCT = Winning PercentageForfeit = Games ForfeitedHTH = Head-To-Head/GroupRA = Runs AllowedRS = Runs Scored

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