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Tournament Standings and Final Brackets at the conclusion of pool play are not official until posted by Tournament Staff. Tie-breakers can affect final standings and bracket seeding. Teams are responsible to ensure they have received the most up-to-date final brackets.
Rule Highlights (Please refer to www.crpdsports.org for the full list of highlights and rules):
If the time limit has been reached, and the home team is ahead in their bottom half of the inning, the game shall be over.
Metal cleats are prohibited at Berliner Sports Park. Players must use molded cleats or turf shoes.
All catchers must wear a hockey-style mask. 2-piece masks are not permitted.
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Tournament Bracket
[1] Cangelosi Black Sox   9

Game 3

Sun 7/5/20

10:30 AM

Diamond Change
[1] Cangelosi Black Sox   3
[4] Dayton Classics   12

Game 4

Sun 7/5/20

3:30 PM

Diamond Change

Game 1

Sun 7/5/20

8:00 AM

Diamond Change
[4] Dayton Classics   1
[5] Dublin White Sox   11
[2] BBC 
[2] BBC   6

Game 2

Sun 7/5/20

1:00 PM

Diamond Change
[2] BBC   5
[3] Dublin Green Sox   5
Pool Play Standings
Cangelosi Black Sox 2001.000--116
BBC 2001.000--313
Dublin Green Sox 1100.500170
Dayton Classics 0200.000--24-13
Dublin White Sox 0200.000--25-16
PCT = Winning PercentageHTH = Head-To-HeadRA = Runs AllowedRDiff = Total Run Differential

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