NBA2k20 - PS4 - He Got Game

Spring  -  E-Sports
NBA2k20 Game Rules
Game Lobby
  • HOME TEAM on the schedule is responsible for sending a game invite, hosting, and taking a screen shot of the final score to send in Discord.
  • Players are not required to be in a party chat with each other. 

Game Settings 

  • Quarter length: 5 minutes 
  • Settings are default. Skill level is HALL OF FAME. 
  • Instant replay and cinema cut scenes will be turned off. 
  • All other settings will be default 
  • Overtime (OT) will decide all ties. Continue until a winner is determined
  • Players are permitted to use any of the normal 30 NBA teams. No special teams may be used.
Regular Season Standings
MsNaTuRaLKiLLa 710.87501 79
Lizarddrew24 710.87502 135
Bigbear100k 520.7140 70
SquishyMoose 440.5000 -10
Mcdirty007 340.4290 -4
Bigtana614 080.0006-----114
TSleeze614 080.0006-----156
PCT = Winning PercentageForfeit = Games ForfeitedHTH = Head-To-Head/GroupHTHDiff = Head-To-Head DifferentialPDiff = Total Point Differential

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