FIFA 20 - PS4

Spring  -  E-Sports
Game Lobby
  • HOME TEAM on the schedule is responsible for sending a game invite, hosting, and taking a screen shot of the final score to send in Discord.
  • Players are not required to be in a party chat with each other. 
Game Settings
  • Players can use any team they want (star level does not have to match)
  • Players can use the same team
  • Customized rosters are prohibited
  • Regular season games can end in a tie
  • Friendly season
  • Kickoff Classic match
  • No over time for regular season games
  • Difficulty: Professional
  • Match length: 6-minute halves
  • Everything else: Default
  • Game speed: Normal
Regular Season Standings
ATBColumbus 7100.8750
jtrout91 5210.68801
kirkenbirken 5210.68802
hmu_on_tinder 3230.5630
BolognaPony31 4400.5000
MJFadeaway620 4400.5001
nachotigre18 2420.37501
Johnboypearson 3500.37502
loloman#9813 3500.37503
Cinematicdragon 0710.0630
PCT = Winning PercentageForfeit = Games ForfeitedHTH = Head-To-Head/Group

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