Men's Competitive

Champ of Champs Tournament  -  Softball - Adult

Teams should anticipate to play July 29th through July 31st

CRPD reserves the right to change/adjust the tournament schedule at any given time throughout the event for any reason.

All players are required to check-in and provide valid photo identification. Wristbands will be worn by all eligible players throughout the tournament.

Players must be listed on Frozen Roster to be eligible for Champ of Champs.

CRPD will make every effort to avoid any conflict of duplicate teams ONLY in the first two (2) rounds of the CHAMP of CHAMPS Tournament.

Duplicate Teams - two teams from separate leagues will only be considered duplicate teams if 5 or more postseason eligible players are the same.

If duplicate teams meet after the second round, then they can either play it out (provided enough eligible players exist for both teams) or automatically advance only one team.

Same Players: If a team is not considered a duplicate team, however the player is eligible for both teams in a contest, the player must make a choice of which team to play for in that specific game. The eligible player can then participate with advancing team.

For any clarification of above stated rules, please contact the office for assistance at 645-3366

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