We Twilight XO

Summer  -  Softball
Mixed Social (XO)
  • Lowest level of play for a casual softball experience. Designed with the social player in mind.
  • Plays with the Game Run Limit of 15 runs per game.
  • No Major, Competitive, or Sanctioned players are permitted in this division. Social players can also participate in the Recreational division.
  • No Home Runs permitted (excess is inning ending out).
  • Top 4 teams advance to league playoff.
Visit CRPD Softball site for full rules and league info
Regular Season Standings
Who Don't Got No Pitchers 820.800051103jersey
Friends of the Feather 730.7000185100jersey
NCH Columbus Croup 730.7000261115jersey
SDub 460.400018477jersey
The Fun Team 460.4000210391jersey
Parsons North Brewing Company 460.40029071jersey
Team Pizza 190.100011936jersey
PCT = Winning PercentageForfeit = Games ForfeitedHTH = Head-To-Head/GroupRA = Runs AllowedRS = Runs Scored

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