Su Newtimers MR

Summer  -  Softball
Men's Recreational (MR)
  • Classic softball intended for recreational teams who desire a casual softball experience that is moderately competitive. Average/Good competition. 
  • No Sanctioned players are permitted in this division. Players who participate in the Recreational division are also permitted to play in the Competitive or Social divisions, but not both.
  • 1 Home Run per gender (excess is inning ending out).
  • Top 4 teams qualify for league playoff.
Visit CRPD Softball site for full rules and league info
Regular Season Standings
Team Groundout 910.9000 50114jersey
Roosters-West Broad 820.8000 56109jersey
Battlegrounds 640.6000 72128jersey
Dragon Donuts / TQL 550.50001180101jersey
The Rookies 550.50001278102jersey
The Dirt Guys 280.2004 11527jersey
waterworks 0100.0004 1388jersey
PCT = Winning PercentageForfeit = Games ForfeitedHTH = Head-To-Head/GroupHTHDiff = Head-To-Head DifferentialRA = Runs AllowedRS = Runs Scored

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