Fall 2023  -  Volleyball - Youth
  1. Teams play 6 vs 6.  If a team only has 5 the other team has the option of playing with 6 or 5.
  2. Point system is 3 games- 2 to 25 and 3rd game is to 15 if necessary.   Younger age group plays 21/21/11 or 45 minutes on clock. 
  3. Teams must rotate a full roster through the rotation.  That means every player must go through the rotation, cannot sub player #5 for #6.  So Players 1-6 are on court.  Exit after point through a clockwise rotation and the new sub entry will enter as the server and exit as the bottom row player that would serve next. Your bench is an extension of the clockwise rotation.
  4. Players get 2 initial serves. If the 1st serve does not go in, a 2nd serve is allowed.  Once a point is made the server continues until 5 points are made or the other team wins point. 
  5. A TOTAL OF 5 MAX SERVES FOR POINTS PER ROTATION. EX: SUZIE can only score 5 points as a server in her rotation. 
  6. Players must serve at the free throw line with at least one foot behind the free throw line.  Younger ages may serve behind the front line. 
  7. NO SPIKING is allowed
  8. IF the ball hits the ceiling on a return and stays on the same side it is played, if it hits ceiling and falls out of bounds or to the other teams side, that team receives the point. 
  9. Must be 3 players in front line and 3 on back line.  
  10. NO crossing net or touching net.
  11. NO two hands or pushing to get ball over.  
  12. REFEREE has final say.
  13. All other USA Volleyball rules apply. 
Regular Season Standings
JACKETS 510.833
SWARM 240.333
STINGERZ 150.167
PCT = Winning Percentage

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