Riverbend Season Opener March 10-11  -  Baseball
 Make Sure your team is prepared and ready to play 15 minutes prior to scheduled start time. We will start games early if previous game finishes early.
Gate Admission:  $7 per person
 Pool Play Games 1 Hr 30 Min.
Bracket Games 1 Hr 45 Min.
Championship Game add 15 Minutes
7 Innings 
Bracket games will go to  Tie Breaker immediately after the time limit has expired.

Tie-Breaker. (Last two batters on 2nd and 3rd base with one out to begin a half inning until a winner is decided).

Metal Cleat are not allowed on Portable Mounds
No Infield Practice Allowed.
Turn in  Team Gate Fee (If not prepaid), & proof of insurance before first game (if not using ASE Insurance).
Click her for list of banned bats effective April 10th, 2017
We did NOT adopt the new USA bat rule. 
If Insurance is through someone other than ASE please bring a copy of your roster from that organization with you to supply at check in.  Only players that show up on that roster as well as your ASE roster are covered in an ASE event if an accident were to happen.
Tournament Bracket

Champion [2] BLBA 12u
2nd [4] McGregor Horned Frogs
3rd [3] Waco Slam - 12U
3rd [1] Diamond Athletics 12u
5th [5] Mudcats
[1] Diamond Athletics 12u   0

Game 3

Sun 3/11/18

12:00 PM

[4] McGregor Horned Frogs   6
[4] McGregor Horned Frogs   7

Game 4

Sun 3/11/18

4:00 PM


Game 1

Sun 3/11/18

10:00 AM

[4] McGregor Horned Frogs   5
[5] Mudcats   0
[2] BLBA 12u 
[2] BLBA 12u   11

Game 2

Sun 3/11/18

2:00 PM

[2] BLBA 12u   12
[3] Waco Slam - 12U   6
Pool Play Standings
Diamond Athletics 12u 201.000--69
BLBA 12u 201.000--1124
Waco Slam - 12U 110.500711
McGregor Horned Frogs 020.000--1614
Mudcats 020.000--202
PCT = Winning PercentageHTH = Head-To-Head (two only)RA = Runs AllowedRS = Runs Scored

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