13U D1

PEB One Day Easter Bash in Burleson April 15th  -  Baseball
***Have your team ready to play.***
****We will start games 15 minutes early.****
**Day Use Fields do not have covers over Dug Outs or part of the Bleachers.  You are welcome to bring your canopies for cover.** 
**Water Coolers are not provided in the Dug Outs.  You are welcome to bring your own.** 

Please turn in your Team Insurance and any Fee's due prior to first game to Tournament Director.
Coin flip for home and visitors in Pool Play.  Home and Visitors listed on Pool Schedule do no mean anything.

Pool Time Limit 1 Hr
  25 Min
Bracket Time Limit 1Hr. 30 Min.
 Championship Game Add 15 Min.
7 Innings 
Bracket games will go to  Tie Breaker immediately after the time limit has expired.

Tie-Breaker. (Last two batters on 2nd and 3rd base with one out to begin a half inning until a winner is decided).

No Infield Practice Allowed.
Make checks for Team Gate Fee payable to Pony Elite Baseball.
Make Sure your team is prepared and ready to play 15 minutes prior to scheduled start time. We will start games early if previous game finishes early.
Tournament Bracket

Champion [1] Mizuno Prime-Bowring
2nd [3] Belton CRU
3rd [2] Texas Stix 13u
3rd [4] Power House Baseball
5th [5] Fort Worth Aces -13u
[1] Mizuno Prime-Bowring   9

Game 3

Sat 4/15/17

5:00 PM

[1] Mizuno Prime-Bowring   7
[4] Power House Baseball   8

Game 4

Sat 4/15/17

8:00 PM


Game 1

Sat 4/15/17

3:30 PM

[4] Power House Baseball   0
[5] Fort Worth Aces -13u   4
[1] Mizuno Prime-Bowring 
[2] Texas Stix 13u   3

Game 2

Sat 4/15/17

6:30 PM

[3] Belton CRU   5
[3] Belton CRU   16
Pool Play Standings
Mizuno Prime-Bowring 201.000--613
Texas Stix 13u 201.000--1125
Belton CRU 110.500815
Power House Baseball 020.000--1613
Fort Worth Aces -13u 020.000--261
PCT = Winning PercentageHTH = Head-To-Head (two only)RA = Runs AllowedRS = Runs Scored

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