ASE State Waxahachie June 28-29  -  Baseball
14u Letourneau University
Entry Fee: $500.00
Gate Fee: $8.00 per person
Make checks payable to Wes Hall
Turn in Entry Fee (Cash or Check) at check in desk!
Teams must supply all game balls
Time Limits 1:45 both days!!
Coolers welcome for players, coaches and parents! 
Carl Jo Netherland is the onsite director! 
Tournament director is Wes Hall. If you have any questions please contact at 903-539-4204!
If your team has 15U 8th graders playing in the 14U division you must bring a copy of current year report card and birth certificate to check in with tournament director prior to your first game.
Tournament Bracket

Champion [B1] 18U North Texas Blue Jays- Thames*
2nd [B2] 18U Dallas Tigers- Sanchez
3rd [A2] 18U East Texas Sliders- Riley*
3rd [A1] 18U DFW Bluejays- Bryant
5th [B3] 18U MVP Elite- Hall*
5th [A3] 18U Broncos Baseball- Usrey
5th [A4] 17U North Texas Brewers
5th [B4] 18U Bombers- Thompson
[A1] 18U DFW Bluejays- Bryant   9

Game 1

Sun 6/29/14

2:00 PM

[A1] 18U DFW Bluejays- Bryant   7

Game 5

Sun 6/29/14

6:00 PM

[B4] 18U Bombers- Thompson   2
[B2] 18U Dallas Tigers- Sanchez   2
[B2] 18U Dallas Tigers- Sanchez   8

Game 7

Sun 6/29/14

8:00 PM


Game 2

Sun 6/29/14

8:00 AM

[B2] 18U Dallas Tigers- Sanchez   8
[A3] 18U Broncos Baseball- Usrey   0
[B1] 18U North Texas Blue Jays- Thames* 
[B1] 18U North Texas Blue Jays- Thames*   8

Game 3

Sun 6/29/14

12:00 PM

[B1] 18U North Texas Blue Jays- Thames*   7

Game 6

Sun 6/29/14

4:00 PM

[A4] 17U North Texas Brewers   2
[A2] 18U East Texas Sliders- Riley*   4
[B1] 18U North Texas Blue Jays- Thames*   4

Game 4

Sun 6/29/14

10:00 AM

[A2] 18U East Texas Sliders- Riley*   4
[B3] 18U MVP Elite- Hall*   3
Pool Play Standings
A 18U DFW Bluejays- Bryant 2001.000320
A 18U East Texas Sliders- Riley* 1100.5001105
A 18U Broncos Baseball- Usrey 1100.500267
A 17U North Texas Brewers 0200.000174
B 18U North Texas Blue Jays- Thames* 2001.00016
B 18U Dallas Tigers- Sanchez 1010.750710
B 18U MVP Elite- Hall* 0110.25076
B 18U Bombers- Thompson 0200.00092
PCT = Winning PercentageHTH = Head-To-Head (two only)RA = Runs AllowedRS = Runs Scored

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