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Sun 1/26/20Field AB7:44 AMSunday Girls Varsity Lacrosse (Red Division)LacrosseEpiscopal Academy - DEHS Varsity Cougars 
Sun 1/26/20Field AB8:28 AMSunday Girls JV Lacrosse (Orange Division)LacrosseCHS - PURPLE 3 
Sun 1/26/20Field AB9:12 AMSunday Girls 7th-8th Grade LacrosseLacrossePURPLE 5 - Rose Tree Media 
Sun 1/26/20Field AB9:56 AMSunday Girls Varsity Lacrosse (Green Division)LacrosseEAGLES White - Vikings 
Sun 1/26/20Field AB10:40 AMSunday Girls JV Lacrosse (Black Division)LacrosseNXT 2023 Volt - Garnet Valley JV 
Sun 1/26/20Field AB11:24 AMSunday Girls Varsity Lacrosse (Red Division)LacrosseWildcats Red - NORLAX Black 
Sun 1/26/20Field AB12:08 PMSunday Girls Varsity Lacrosse (Green Division)LacrosseHEADstrong Blue - Lower Merion Aces 
Sun 1/26/20Field AB12:52 PMSunday Girl's Varsity Lacrosse (Blue Division)LacrosseHEADstrong Lime - HEADstrong White 
Sun 1/26/20Field AB1:36 PMSunday Girls JV Lacrosse (Orange Division)LacrosseNXT 2024 Black - HEADstrong 
Sun 1/26/20Field AB2:20 PMSunday Girls Varsity Lacrosse (Yellow Division)LacrosseExeter blue - PURPLE 1 
Sun 1/26/20Field AB3:04 PMSunday Girls 7th-8th Grade LacrosseLacrosseNXT 2024 Volt - CMS 
Sun 1/26/20Field AB3:48 PMSunday Girls 7th-8th Grade LacrosseLacrosseNXT 2025 Volt - PA Express - 2024 Blue 
Sun 1/26/20Field AB4:32 PMSunday Girls JV Lacrosse (Orange Division)LacrosseVikings - Unionville Indians 
Sun 1/26/20Field AB5:16 PMSunday Girls JV Lacrosse (Black Division)LacrosseRevolution - Ultimate 
Sun 1/26/20Field AB6:00 PMSunday Girl's Varsity Lacrosse (Blue Division)LacrosseNXT 2023 Black - MMA 
Sun 1/26/20Field AB6:50 PMSaturday Boys U11 1st DivisionSoccer - YouthWilson Storm - HFC Ready 09 
Sun 1/26/20Field AB7:32 PMSaturday Boys U9Soccer - YouthFC Delco U9B Dortmund - Rovers 
Sun 1/26/20Field AB8:14 PMSunday Women's O35 DivisionSoccer - AdultThe Sophomores - Rose Tree 
Sun 1/26/20Field AB8:56 PMSunday Women's O35 DivisionSoccer - AdultThe Purple Team - Colonials RED 
Sun 1/26/20Field AB9:38 PMSunday Women's O35 DivisionSoccer - AdultPhilly Falcons - Colonials White 
Sun 1/26/20Field AB10:20 PMSunday Women's O35 DivisionSoccer - AdultKing of Three - Colonials GRAY 
Sun 1/26/20Field C7:44 AMSunday Girls 7th-8th Grade LacrosseLacrossePURPLE 4 - NXT 2025 Black 
Sun 1/26/20Field C8:28 AMSunday Girls JV Lacrosse (Black Division)Lacrosse380 Lacrosse 2023 - Pennridge JV 
Sun 1/26/20Field C9:12 AMSunday Girls Varsity Lacrosse (Red Division)LacrosseDynasty Elite Army - EAGLES GREEN 
Sun 1/26/20Field C9:56 AMSunday Girls Varsity Lacrosse (Red Division)LacrosseGarnet Valley Varsity - O'Hara 
Sun 1/26/20Field C10:40 AMSunday Girls JV Lacrosse (Orange Division)LacrosseWildcats White - Dynasty Elite Navy 
Sun 1/26/20Field C11:24 AMSunday Girls Varsity Lacrosse (White Division)LacrosseNXT 2022 - Dynasty Elite Marines 
Sun 1/26/20Field C12:08 PMSunday Girls 7th-8th Grade LacrosseLacrossePA Express 2024 Orange - Dynasty Elite Airforce 
Sun 1/26/20Field C12:52 PMSunday Girls Varsity Lacrosse (White Division)LacrosseNORLAX Pink - NXT 2021 
Sun 1/26/20Field C1:36 PMSunday Girl's Varsity Lacrosse (Blue Division)LacrosseExeter white - Pennridge Varsity White 
Sun 1/26/20Field C2:20 PMSunday Girls Varsity Lacrosse (Yellow Division)LacrossePerk Valley Orange - Pennridge Varsity Green 
Sun 1/26/20Field C3:04 PMSunday Girl's Varsity Lacrosse (Blue Division)LacrosseUnionville Navy - Perk Valley White 
Sun 1/26/20Field C3:48 PMSunday Girls Varsity Lacrosse (White Division)LacrosseUnionville Gold - Villa Maria 
Sun 1/26/20Field C4:32 PMSunday Girls JV Lacrosse (Orange Division)LacrossePenncrest JV - Kennett JV 
Sun 1/26/20Field C5:16 PMSunday Girls Varsity Lacrosse (Green Division)LacrosseRustin HS - The Grove 
Sun 1/26/20Field C6:00 PMSunday Girls Varsity Lacrosse (Green Division)LacrosseKennett Varsity - PURPLE 2 
Sun 1/26/20Field C6:50 PMSaturday Girls VarsitySoccer - YouthNorth Penn HS White - LMSC BLUE Pride 
Sun 1/26/20Field C7:32 PMSaturday Girls U14/15/JVSoccer - YouthGCVSA Tornadoes U14 - West-Mont United 04/05 United 
Sun 1/26/20Field C8:14 PMSaturday Girls VarsitySoccer - YouthFC Brandywine Girls 02s - LMSC Cyclones 
Sun 1/26/20Field C8:56 PMSunday Women's Open DivisionSoccer - AdultFC Storm - CUWS White 
Sun 1/26/20Field C9:38 PMSunday Women's Open DivisionSoccer - AdultBMC Soccer - CUWS Black 
Sun 1/26/20Field C10:20 PMSunday Women's Open DivisionSoccer - AdultColonial SC-Book It - Shipley 
Sun 1/26/20Field D7:44 AMSunday Boys Varsity LacrosseLacrosseChosen LC - CBW Lacrosse 
Sun 1/26/20Field D8:28 AMSunday Boys Varsity LacrosseLacrosseUpper Merion Vikings - Devon Prep/Delco Christian 
Sun 1/26/20Field D9:12 AMSunday Boys Varsity LacrosseLacrosseMarple Newtown - Team 222 
Sun 1/26/20Field D9:56 AMSunday Boys Varsity LacrosseLacrosseAbington Senior High - Roman Catholic 
Sun 1/26/20Field D10:40 AMSunday Girls Varsity Lacrosse (Green Division)LacrosseABC WHITE - Wiss Lax 
Sun 1/26/20Field D11:24 AMSunday Girls Varsity Lacrosse (Red Division)LacrosseAIS Blue - ABC RED 
Sun 1/26/20Field D12:08 PMSunday Girls JV Lacrosse (Black Division)LacrosseNORLAX Maroon - AIS White 
Sun 1/26/20Field D12:52 PMSunday Girls Varsity Lacrosse (White Division)LacrosseConestoga Pioneers Maroon - AIS Gold 
Sun 1/26/20Field D1:36 PMSunday Girls JV Lacrosse (Black Division)LacrossePhillyBlast - Conestoga Pioneers White 
Sun 1/26/20Field D2:20 PMSunday Girls Varsity Lacrosse (Red Division)LacrosseConestoga Pioneers Gray - Irish 1 
Sun 1/26/20Field D3:04 PMSunday Girls Varsity Lacrosse (White Division)LacrossePenncrest V - Germantown Academy 
Sun 1/26/20Field D3:48 PMSunday Girl's Varsity Lacrosse (Blue Division)LacrosseAbington Maroon - Irish 2 
Sun 1/26/20Field D4:32 PMSunday Girls Varsity Lacrosse (Yellow Division)LacrosseAbington Black - Gwynedd Mercy Academy 
Sun 1/26/20Field D5:16 PMSunday Girls Varsity Lacrosse (Yellow Division)LacrosseStrath Haven High School - Harriton Lacrosse 
Sun 1/26/20Field D6:00 PMSunday Girls Varsity Lacrosse (Yellow Division)LacrosseSCH (Blue) - Souderton High School 
Sun 1/26/20Field D6:50 PMFriday Boys U12 2nd DivisionSoccer - YouthFC Delco White - Nether Mustangs 
Sun 1/26/20Field D7:32 PMFriday Boys U12 2nd DivisionSoccer - YouthNether Mustangs - Main Line Soccer 
Sun 1/26/20Field D8:14 PMSunday Women's Open DivisionSoccer - AdultSenza Nome burbs - Colonials FC 
Sun 1/26/20Field D8:56 PMSunday Women's Open DivisionSoccer - AdultSenza Nome city - OFG 
Sun 1/26/20Field D9:38 PMSunday Women's Open DivisionSoccer - AdultHaverford WSOC - Haverhawk Alums 
Sun 1/26/20Field D10:20 PMSunday Women's Open DivisionSoccer - AdultNUWS - Chester Springs United