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Date Location Time League Sport Teams  View
Thu 8/6/20Field 16:30 PMThursday O35 DivisionSoccer - AdultUnited States Senior Mens National Team - Loosely Affiliated 
Thu 8/6/20Field 17:15 PMThursday O35 Invitational DivisionSoccer - AdultSpartans - Indulgers 
Thu 8/6/20Field 18:00 PMThursday O35 DivisionSoccer - AdultBoca Seniors - Cafeteros 
Thu 8/6/20Field 18:45 PMThursday Coed Open DivisionSoccer - AdultRTFC - Peaked in High School 
Thu 8/6/20Field 19:30 PMThursday Coed Open DivisionSoccer - AdultRTFC - A7a FC 
Thu 8/6/20Field 26:30 PMThursday Coed Open DivisionSoccer - AdultPanama Reds - Salty Sea Cows 
Thu 8/6/20Field 27:15 PMThursday Coed Open DivisionSoccer - AdultI need a haircut - Red Light District 
Thu 8/6/20Field 28:00 PMThursday O35 DivisionSoccer - AdultUGLY - WoB - Hops 
Thu 8/6/20Field 28:45 PMThursday O35 Invitational DivisionSoccer - AdultTosco FC - Own Goal 
Thu 8/6/20Field 29:30 PMThursday O35 Invitational DivisionSoccer - AdultOwn Goal - The Revivid Spirit 
Thu 8/6/20Field 36:30 PMThursday O35 Invitational DivisionSoccer - AdultJawns FC - Beercelona 
Thu 8/6/20Field 37:15 PMThursday O35 DivisionSoccer - AdultAleve - Grecians 
Thu 8/6/20Field 38:00 PMThursday O35 DivisionSoccer - AdultRC United - CIB 
Thu 8/6/20Field 38:45 PMThursday O35 Invitational DivisionSoccer - AdultOmega FC - The Revivid Spirit