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Sat 11/2/19Dixie High School9:00 AM3rd GradeFootballGame 3: #1 Snow Canyon - #3 Cedar 
Sat 11/2/19Dixie High School11:00 AM4th GradeFootballGame 3: #1 Pine View - #3 Virgin Valley 
Sat 11/2/19Dixie High School1:00 PM5th GradeFootballGame 3: #1 Snow Canyon (Gold) - #3 Virgin Valley 
Sat 11/2/19Dixie High School3:00 PM6th Grade RedFootballGame 3: #1 Crimson Cliffs - #3 Parowan 
Sat 11/2/19Hurricane High School9:00 AM6th Grade YellowFootballGame 3: #1 Hurricane - #2 Crimson Cliffs 
Sat 11/2/19Hurricane High School11:00 AM7th Grade RedFootballGame 3: #1 Cedar - #2 Snow Canyon 
Sat 11/2/19Hurricane High School1:00 PM7th Grade YellowFootballGame 3: #1 Snow Canyon - #3 Desert Hills 
Sat 11/2/19Hurricane High School3:00 PM8th Grade RedFootballGame 3: #1 Snow Canyon - #2 Cedar 
Sat 11/2/19Hurricane High School5:00 PM8th Grade YellowFootballGame 3: #1 Crimson Cliffs (Navy) - #2 Crimson Cliffs (Silver)