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Sun 1/20/19Atkinson Court 19:00 AM7/8th Grade GirlsBasketballGame 1: [B2] AZ Rebels Blue - [B3] Surprise Blaze 
Sun 1/20/19Atkinson Court 110:00 AM8th Grade Boys GoldBasketballGame 1: [B2] BE Elite - [C2] Firestorm 
Sun 1/20/19Atkinson Court 111:00 AM7th Grade GoldBasketballGame 5: [B1] Divinity Hoops - [C3] Hard 2 Handle 
Sun 1/20/19Atkinson Court 112:00 PM8th Grade Boys GoldBasketballGame 3: [A1] Storm - [B2] BE Elite 
Sun 1/20/19Atkinson Court 11:00 PM7th Grade SilverBasketballGame 4: [B1] Zone 6 Josh - [A2] Surprise Blaze 
Sun 1/20/19Atkinson Court 12:00 PM8th Grade Boys SilverBasketballGame 1: [B3] Swish Everything - [C3] Desert Elite Yuma 
Sun 1/20/19Atkinson Court 211:00 AM7/8th Grade GirlsBasketballGame 4: [A1] NWT - [B2] AZ Rebels Blue 
Sun 1/20/19Atkinson Court 212:00 PM2nd Grade BoysBasketballGame 3: [1] Gym Rats - [5] Legion of Hoops 
Sun 1/20/19Atkinson Court 21:00 PM4th Grade BoysBasketballGame 1: [4] PHX Ballers - [5] Predators 
Sun 1/20/19Atkinson Court 22:00 PM6th Grade BoysBasketballGame 3: [B1] AZ Swish - [A3] Predators 
Sun 1/20/19Atkinson Court 23:00 PM4th Grade BoysBasketballGame 3: [1] Diplomats - [4] PHX Ballers 
Sun 1/20/19Atkinson Court 24:00 PM5/6th Grade Girls SilverBasketballGame 1: [1] Rising Champions - [4] SC Thunder Hawks 
Sun 1/20/19Atkinson Court 39:00 AM7th Grade GoldBasketballGame 1: [A3] Salt River Ba'ag - [C3] Hard 2 Handle 
Sun 1/20/19Atkinson Court 310:00 AM2nd Grade BoysBasketballGame 1: [4] Monstarz Blue - [5] Legion of Hoops 
Sun 1/20/19Atkinson Court 311:00 AM7th Grade GoldBasketballGame 3: [C2] Sharks - [B2] Stom 6th Grade 
Sun 1/20/19Atkinson Court 312:00 PM2nd Grade BoysBasketballGame 2: [2] Team Legacy - [3] Heatwave 
Sun 1/20/19Atkinson Court 31:00 PM7th Grade GoldBasketballGame 7: [B1] Divinity Hoops - [C2] Sharks 
Sun 1/20/19Atkinson Court 32:00 PM2nd Grade BoysBasketballGame 4: [1] Gym Rats - [3] Heatwave 
Sun 1/20/19Atkinson Court 33:00 PM4th Grade BoysBasketballGame 2: [2] Matrix - [3] AZ Magic 
Sun 1/20/19Atkinson Court 34:00 PM5/6th Grade Girls SilverBasketballGame 2: [2] AZ Cats - [3] Jump Athletic 
Sun 1/20/19Atkinson Court 410:00 AM7th Grade SilverBasketballGame 2: [A2] Surprise Blaze - [B3] Salt River Ba'ag 
Sun 1/20/19Atkinson Court 411:00 AM7th Grade SilverBasketballGame 1: [B2] Firestorm - [A3] Monstarz Gold 6th 
Sun 1/20/19Atkinson Court 41:00 PM7th Grade SilverBasketballGame 3: [A1] Team Legacy - [A3] Monstarz Gold 6th 
Sun 1/20/19Atkinson Court 42:00 PM6th Grade BoysBasketballGame 4: [C1] Monstarz Gold 5th - [B2] Salt River Ba'ag 
Sun 1/20/19Atkinson Court 43:00 PM7th Grade SilverBasketballGame 5: [A3] Monstarz Gold 6th - [A2] Surprise Blaze 
Sun 1/20/19Atkinson Court 44:00 PM6th Grade BoysBasketballGame 7: [B1] AZ Swish - [C1] Monstarz Gold 5th 
Sun 1/20/19Phhacility Black9:00 AM7th Grade GoldBasketballGame 2: [B3] Diplomats - [C4] Zone 6-BJ 
Sun 1/20/19Phhacility Black10:00 AM5/6th Grade Girls GoldBasketballGame 2: [2] Jr Vikings 5th Grade - [3] AZ Rebels Blue 
Sun 1/20/19Phhacility Black11:00 AM7th Grade GoldBasketballGame 6: [A1] AZ Swish - [B3] Diplomats 
Sun 1/20/19Phhacility Black12:00 PM5/6th Grade Girls GoldBasketballGame 3: [1] Team Blackout - [2] Jr Vikings 5th Grade 
Sun 1/20/19Phhacility Black1:00 PM7/8th Grade GirlsBasketballGame 6: [A1] NWT - [B1] Lady Mambas Black 
Sun 1/20/19Phhacility Black2:00 PM8th Grade Boys GoldBasketballGame 5: [A1] Storm - [B1] Legion of Hoops 
Sun 1/20/19Phhacility Black3:00 PM7th Grade GoldBasketballGame 9: [B1] Divinity Hoops - [C1] PHH-Leo 
Sun 1/20/19Phhacility Black4:00 PM8th Grade Boys SilverBasketballGame 2: [A3] PHH-Becker - [C3] Desert Elite Yuma 
Sun 1/20/19Phhacility Black5:00 PM5th Grade BoysBasketballGame 4: [B1] Texas Elite - [A2] AZ Battle 
Sun 1/20/19Phhacility Black6:30 PM5th Grade BoysBasketballGame 5: [B2] Toon Squad - [B1] Texas Elite 
Sun 1/20/19Phhacility Grey9:00 AM7/8th Grade GirlsBasketballGame 2: [B1] Lady Mambas Black - [A3] AZ Magic 
Sun 1/20/19Phhacility Grey10:00 AM5/6th Grade Girls GoldBasketballGame 1: [1] Team Blackout - [4] Team Legacy 
Sun 1/20/19Phhacility Grey11:00 AM7th Grade GoldBasketballGame 4: [C1] PHH-Leo - [A2] Sky Ryder 2025 
Sun 1/20/19Phhacility Grey12:00 PM8th Grade Boys GoldBasketballGame 4: [B1] Legion of Hoops - [A2] Divinity Hoops 
Sun 1/20/19Phhacility Grey2:00 PM6th Grade BoysBasketballGame 5: [A1] Deset Elite Yuma - [B3] AZ Storm 5th 
Sun 1/20/19Phhacility Grey3:00 PM5th Grade BoysBasketballGame 1: [B2] Toon Squad - [A3] Team Legacy 
Sun 1/20/19Phhacility Grey4:00 PM6th Grade BoysBasketballGame 6: [A1] Deset Elite Yuma - [A2] Sky Ryder 2026 
Sun 1/20/19Phhacility Grey5:00 PM5th Grade BoysBasketballGame 3: [A1] Sky Ryder 2027 - [B2] Toon Squad 
Sun 1/20/19Phhacility Grey6:00 PM6th Grade BoysBasketballGame 8: [A1] Deset Elite Yuma - [B1] AZ Swish 
Sun 1/20/19Phhacility White9:00 AM7/8th Grade GirlsBasketballGame 3: [A2] TWE - [B4] Relentless Athletes 
Sun 1/20/19Phhacility White10:00 AM8th Grade Boys GoldBasketballGame 2: [C1] PHH-Leo - [A2] Divinity Hoops 
Sun 1/20/19Phhacility White11:00 AM7/8th Grade GirlsBasketballGame 5: [B1] Lady Mambas Black - [A2] TWE 
Sun 1/20/19Phhacility White12:00 PM6th Grade BoysBasketballGame 1: [B3] AZ Storm 5th - [C3] Surprise Blaze 
Sun 1/20/19Phhacility White1:00 PM7th Grade GoldBasketballGame 8: [A1] AZ Swish - [C1] PHH-Leo 
Sun 1/20/19Phhacility White2:00 PM6th Grade BoysBasketballGame 2: [A2] Sky Ryder 2026 - [C2] Heat Check 
Sun 1/20/19Phhacility White3:00 PM5th Grade BoysBasketballGame 2: [A2] AZ Battle - [B3] Firestorm 
Sun 1/20/19Phhacility White5:00 PM4th Grade BoysBasketballGame 4: [1] Diplomats - [3] AZ Magic 
Sun 1/20/19Phhacility White6:00 PM5/6th Grade Girls SilverBasketballGame 3: [4] SC Thunder Hawks - [2] AZ Cats